An Introduction to the GNCT

The General Nursing Council for England & Wales Trust (GNCT) seeks to promote the development of nursing for the benefit of society.

Who We Are

The General Nursing Council for England and Wales Trust is an independent charitable trust. The Trust was set up in 1983 when the General Nursing Council for England and Wales, the regulatory body for the nursing profession in England and Wales during the preceding 60 years, was abolished under the Nurses and Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979.


What We Do

The GNCT funds research to enhance the practice and profession of nursing. The Trustees are also committed to advancing the education of student nurses and further education of Registered Nurses. We do this by funding research and through travel scholarships offered in partnership with the Florence Nightingale Foundation.  The GNCT is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) non commercial Partner .This means the studies that we fund may be eligible to access NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) support .


Latest News

The Trustees are please to announce that they have awarded 3 new grants for 2022 and All applicants are being contacted .

In addition they have continued to support The Florence Nightingale Foundation for the next 3 years with an annual grant of £11,500 per year  in order to help nurses in the enhancing of leadership skills .

By the end of the year a further grant process will be in place for 2023 with a specific grant focus